Vertex blinds offer subtle light diffusion whilst offering a sheer view and complete privacy.  

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Vertex Blinds are ideal for

Controlling light with a mixture of sheer and solid fabric

Large windows operating much like a curtain with more flexibility

Creating a stunning on trend look 

Doorways as each louvre hangs independently you can walk through the blind to your outdoor area, without disturbing the ambience in your room.

Child Safety

Lifetime warranty available on all Signature vertex blinds

Child safety is a primary concern for us all and we have taken measures to ensure all of our products are either child safe as standard or carry warning tags to ensure the risks are outlined to parents and guardians.

We measure, we fit, you relax.


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• Measured By Experts

Our team do the measuring whilst advising you the best solution for your window 

• Made-To- Measure

All of our products are tailor-made for you, so you get the perfect fit

• Accurately Fit

We do the installation with the utmost accuracy and cleanliness. 

• Peace of Mind

All of our Signature products have a lifetime warranty

This 2020 collection has been hand picked to suit the very latest colour trends and in-style designs.

Each fabric louvre softly folds to create a uniform appearance. As each louvre operates independently, you can walk through the blind to your outdoor area without disturbing the ambience in your room.

Light can filter through the voile fabric when in the open position and offer complete privacy by simply using the wand or cord tilt option.

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